The term Web 2.0 has become very popular and refers to cumulative changes in the ways developers and end-users use the Web. Hallström Design offers the latest in technology, bringing web communications and collaborations to the next level. Instead of passive viewing of information, Web 2.0 allows its users to interact with each other and to access information via mobile devices as well as personal computers.

The web 2.0 infrastructure allows for social networking, blogging, RSS feeds, dynamic multimedia, Search Engine Optimization and much more. It’s more than a website bursting with information; it’s the end users contributing to the success of your site and reaching your goals together as one team!

We will integrate your 3d party content from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blog etc. along with your website's content into one seamless and dynamic experience.
Through the Content Management System, administrators login and post resources, contribute to the calendar, post media (photos, videos, audio) and participate in creating news articles. Using Web 2.0 technology, your online environment evolves into an active communication resource. Blogging enables users to share ideas, thoughts, experiences and news with their community groups in a simple but highly effective method.

Sign up to receive RSS feeds on topics posted on your school’s news, calendar and multimedia sections. Time is money and everyone’s schedules are tight; RSS feeds allow users to pull real-time information into a central location for quick and easy viewing.

Web 2.0 can deliver many types of multimedia directly to the user. View videos, audio, and slideshows right from the school’s homepage and download photos to your computer. We offer two different types of galleries; one basic version for photos only and another that lets you display videos and audio as well. All integrated in one player. The latter also allows you to insert Multi Media into pages, instead of only being viewable in the galleries section, creating a more dynamic visitor experience.

Hallström Design's Content Management System is designed for great search results, allowing managers to insert specific search terms and keywords for specific pages. Sites are setup for the Google bots to easily scan titles, keywords, and content. Each website is registered with Google and it’s easy to sign up for Google AdWords, so that schools can participate in pay-per-click search results.