Creating websites that our clients can self-manage both easily and effectively is at the core of our design philosophy. An effective content management system (CMS) is now accepted as a key strategic requirement for any modern website to be successful. Because of this, we recognize that integrating a flexible, efficient, yet cost-effective CMS into each of our sites is essential.



Dynamic Site Content. Using our CMS gives your school fully-dynamic site control meaning that you can easily change text, graphics, entire pages and menus, all on the fly. Because we employ user-friendly, non-proprietary, site management tools, it allows even those with modest computer skills to manage your site.

Page Structure and Sub Levels. Allows the user to create new pages and sub-pages instantly from the CMS without modifying any code. There is no limit to how many pages you can create.

User Management. Different users with specific access levels can be set up to give editors access to the entire site, or only portions of it. Each user will have a unique login that is created by the site manager.

Events Calendar. Events can be entered either one by one, or by uploading a comma separated (CSV) file for multiple events. CMS users can create different categories that can then be filtered by the website visitor to display only relevant information.

News Section. Create and manage news categories and articles. Upload text and graphics using the same familiar text editor and file browser.

Photo Albums. Batch upload photos through ftp and assign albums in the CMS. Thumbnails and slideshow features are created automatically.

Multimedia Galleries. All our sites come with a basic photo gallery. The optional Multi Media gallery adds functionality allowing albums to contain a combination of video, audio and photos. It will also give you the ability to insert these element into pages, instead of only showing in the galleries section. Inserting is easily done by selecting from a dynamic pull-down menu.

RSS & Web 2.0 Sign up to receive RSS feeds on topics posted on your school’s news, calendar and multimedia sections. Embed social networking content within your own site. Read more about Web 2.0 functionality here.

Donations and e-commerce. We offer solutions ranging from simple donation forms to complete e-commerce shopping carts. If you are already using a third party service we can integrate this with your website.

Athletic Teams. Create and manage athletic team pages with photos, rosters and coaches. Results are added as the seasons proceeds. Team pages are automatically linked from the team events in the main calendar.

Contacts. Add photos and biography information for school staff. Separate categories can be set up by CMS users. A section-specific search is also provided.

All of the functionality above is handled directly through our web based Content Management System. There are no licensing, or monthly, fees and no proprietary code. Our system is also fully customizable to allow for future updates.