Our Dynamic School Sites division designs, builds and implements web sites that reflect your school's identity. We can create your online presence to be consistent with your current design identity using existing sources such as your admissions materials, or we will work with you to develop an entirely new design. Our focus is on creating elegant web sites of extraordinary design that are scalable, user friendly and functional. Furthermore, we specialize in developing content-management-driven websites that give you the ability to self-manage the content within your site, easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Our Content Management System (CMS) was developed by Hallström Design specifically for schools. The goal is to give your school a set of powerful, intuitive tools that can be used with very little training or web expertise. This means that you will need little more than your staff's existing computer skills to have full access to nearly every aspect of your new site's content.

Using our CMS, you will be able to easily edit text and upload images while completely controlling the site's navigation system. This means having unlimited flexibility to add new menu items, sections and pages. Imagine being able to add, remove or edit Photo albums, calendars, contact pages, athletics and news sections instantly without the need for a costly outside vendor.

While a powerful and robust CMS is key to keeping your site's content current, it is the quality and consistency of the design that initially engages your visitors. Our approach to design avoids the "cookie cutter" appearance of so many of today's school sites. We will provide you with a contemporary, yet elegant design that is customized specifically for your school. Working together, we will give your site a look that both reflects your school's unique image while addressing its specific communications needs.

Finally, we understand that the cost of a web-site project is a major consideration for most schools. Therefore, we work with each school to develop a project budget that makes sense for your individual school. In addition, we do not charge a licensing or monthly fee for our content management system, and because it allows so much user flexibility, site maintenance fees are virtually eliminated.

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